Are you a landlord and does your home meet the New Zealand Healthy Homes Standards?

Find out what size Heat Pump you need. At Pavilion Electrical we ensure that all our fit outs are complaint with the healthy homes standard.

As a landlord you can be fined as much as $4000 if your property is not up to standard. Avoid these fines and make sure your property is complaint with the healthy homes standard.

"All rental properties must have one or more fixed heaters, which can directly heat the main living room and meet a required heating capacity. Certain heating devices that are inefficient, unaffordable or unhealthy will not meet the requirements of this standard. A heating assessment tool is provided at, which provides a report that shows the minimum heating capacity required. It can be used to check if current heating is sufficient to meet the standard, or if it is necessary to install a new heater."


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