What is a Back to Back Heat Pump Installation?

A back to back installation applies to a wall or floor mounted heat pump.

It means that the outdoor unit is directly behind or below the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is mounted on a concrete paver. An extra charge will be applied for any installation which does not fit the criteria below.Back to Back Heat Pump Installation

A back to back heat pump installation includes the following maximum allowances:

  • Pipe & cable between units
  • Electrical isolator (waterproof type)
  • PVC Trunking 2 metres only (to cover pipes)
  • PVC end cap x1
  • Concrete paver x1 (900mm x 450mm)
  • Power supply cable or appropriate connection with a max of 10 metres cable
  • MCB on switch board
  • A single visit for installation.
  • Electrical compliance certificate
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you would like more clarification on if this is the installation service you require then please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you. 

Otherwise, if you live in the Auckland region please feel free to check out our online catalogue and request a quote from us today.